Posted by Robert Homann on Feb 14, 2018
Curt Ward, President of the Gilbert Rotary Club led off with a presentation about the Navajo Water Project. This project is working with the St. Bonaventure Nation. Currently most homes on the St. Bonaventure Reservation get their water via a monthly tanker truck delivery.  This method has problems with storing adequate amounts for the month.  This project pays for the construction of a communal cistern large enough to serve 17-18 families and costs $4,500.  Their budget is met for one cistern but there are still 150 more families who could benefit from the communal cistern idea. 
Curt is hoping that a $75,000 Rotary Global Grant they have applied for will be approved.  He also is hoping Sun Lakes Rotary will take over the leadership role for this global grant.  Our club could become a sustaining member for the Sun Lakes club. 
Curt's presentation was followed by classification talks by three of our newest members - Warren Salinger, Lorraine ________ and Ray Trankle.  Each person told an interesting story of their lives, their values and their previous experience with Rotary, if any.