Posted by Robert Homann on Dec 13, 2017
Our speakers today were club member Frank Mwinyelle and Farah Butler from Integrity Hospice Care.  Integrity is located at 6877 S. King's Ranch Rd. in Gold Canyon. 
Integrity uses an interdisciplinary team approach.  The team is composed of a medical doctor, a social worker, and a registered nurse. The team develops a plan of care to address the needs of the patient and his/her family.  Some of the services available are:
     Routine nursing
     Effective pain control
     Bereavement services
     Home health aide
     Social services
     Spiritual counseling
     PT and OT services
     Speech therapy
     Respite care for caregiver
     Pharmacy with home delivery
     Dietician services
Integrity also makes use of specially trained volunteers who are available to spend time with the patient and offer companionship to the family.