Posted by Roberta Holmes on Jun 06, 2018
May 30
Our speaker today was Dr. Tecla Fuller of Fuller Life Chiropractic. She spoke about the affect the spine has on the general health of the rest of the body, and highlighted the services her company offers.

June 6

Our speaker for today was Colette Bos who is the Director of Local Missions for The Gold Canyon United Methodist Church.


Colette pointed out the numerous Local Mission Ministries that the Gold Canyon United Methodist Church supports in a financial and volunteer capacity. These include:

  1. Angel Tree, which is a 2 month Christmas mission, giving gifts to children that include clothing , shoes , a food box and so much more.
  2. A Food Bank that provides meals for 10,000 people.
  3. The Genesis Project which offers clothing and hot meals to the hungry.

The church supports numerous other missions that offer books to children, handyman services, Sunday school services to kids, and quilts for nursing home residents. This church is doing God’s work all over the community. We are blessed to have people like Colette and her volunteers!

Colette spent most of her time explaining Sofie’s Start. The idea of the program is to assisting a family to get them out of poverty to providing for themselves.  The program provides financial assistance and mentoring to allow a family to live on their own. By providing furniture, counciling on life skills and a chance to get additional education, this family of a single mother and her 2 children will be able to live a better life. Self reliant and independent is the goal. The family is getting closer to realizing this dream.


Thank you Colette for your inspiring work. 


You can contact, donate or volunteer your services at:

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

6640 S Kings Ranch Rd

Gold Canyon, AZ. 85118