Posted by Roberta Holmes on Sep 01, 2019
August 28
Michelle Iglewski told us how her health has been positively impacted by her 'Tower Garden' at today's meeting. She attributes her good health to Aeroponics, an advanced gardening technology. Instead of using soil, 'Tower Garden' plants grow in a soil-free plant nutrient mineral blend solution, which provides plant roots with oxygen and consistent moisture, encouraging rapid, healthy growth.
August 21
  Sherry Eklund provided us with an informative overview of Teen Strong, the organization she created to provide struggling teens with encouragement, inspiration and information about the resources they need to help them be successful. Her web site covers a variety of areas, including substance abuse, domestic and dating violence, eating disorders, sexually transmitted diseases and job skills. You can learn more about Teen Strong at
August 14

Rotary Minute:

What was the first Rotary Club community project? A “comfort station” in downtown Chicago. Public restrooms were typically found only in saloons at that time, and unaccompanied women were not permitted to enter saloons.

Dee Baginski inspired us all through her positive attitude and refusal to give in to fear during treatment for aggressive stage four cancer. Her experience has motivated her to create the Courage Under Cancer Foundation, to help other people in similar circumstances. Her Foundation's goal is to help people who are undergoing treatment by assisting them with their rent and insurance co-payments, providing rides to the doctor, etc. Dee's book, Courage Under Cancer, can be ordered on Amazon for $6.99 in print or $5.99 for the Kindle version.
 Bryant Powell gave an overview of the recent Apache Junction land annexation, Through annexation, Apache Junction will provide services (911, water, sewer, etc.) that was previously provided by the county, paving the way for new development.
August 7
Sean Reavie, President and Founder of Put on the Cape, was our guest speaker today. Board member Kay Royal was also in attendance. Sean, an officer with the Phoenix Police Department, works with abused children. His organization raises funds for advocacy centers that care for children who are victims of crime. Besides providing basic needs, they use super heroes to empower children. Ways you can help are by donating funds, sponsoring events and volunteering. Specific needs include:
  • snacks and juice boxes
  • toys
  • diapers
  • clean clothes
  • super hero action figures and Barbie dolls
  • cash donations, which are always best
**Our ever generous club members donated $650 in cash for the organization to use as needed.
For more information, visit
Tina Byrd with Gold Canyon Candles donated two coupons for online social media training. The training will be extremely helpful to the club in learning how to get our message our to the rest of the world. Gold Canyon candles supports charitable groups by giving a portion of the purchase price of their $20 fund raiser candles back to the group.
 Len LaFlesch presented two croquet sets that he purchased for the golf tournament auction. These are great examples of items that could be well received as fund raisers.