Visiting Rotarians
  • Bill Pepple, Bryan, Ohio Rotary Club
  • Phyllis Chambers, Lincoln, Nebraska Downtown #14 Rotary Club
  • "Van" Van Jepmond, Lacy, Washington Rotary Club
  • Mary McCambridge, Loveland, Colorado Rotary Club
  • Chris White, Idaho Falls, Idaho Rotary Club
  • Jim Nelson, Rockford, Illinois Rotary Club
  • Curt Ward, Gilbert Rotary Club
  • Bill Ohe, Edmonton, Alberta, Riverton Rotary Club
  • Edwina Coohe, Southampton, England, SCWS Rotary Club
  • Ray and Marion Miller, Red Deer, Alberta East Rotary Club
  • Ray Villa,  Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Joan Wasmuth, Marinville, Alberta Rotary Cub
Ryan, Janna, Garon and Finton Gissler, Victoria, Canada, Rotary Club. The club they are a member of has a category of "family"; therefore, the whole family is a member.
Guests and Visitors
  • Tom Gibbons, visiting from Plattsburgh, New York
  • Krista Anderson with the Apache Junction School District
  • Ken Weiland, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Greg Johnson, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Fran Johnson, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Patti Lindberg, Woodbury, Minnesota
  • Megan Connolly, Apache Junction, Arizona
  • Chelsea Connolly, Apache Junction, Arizona
  • Lisa Baes, Mesa, Arizona
  • Jackie Hough, Mesa Arizona
  • Earl Zumwalt