Posted on May 31, 2017
Gerry Hundt of the Board of the Apache Junction Food Bank sent along this clarification about who is eligible to be served at the AJ food bank.
"I enjoy getting your Rotary newsletter.  I saw the recent one regarding the Gold Canyon Food Bank and wanted to correct something said there.  The Apache Junction Food bank does NOT limit those we serve to only Apache Junction residents.  In fact the boundary for our services are listed below and in fact if someone comes for help for the first time, they are given food and the boundary area explained to them along with referring them to a food bank in their area.  As you know, I along with Ben Fellows are board members and I would love the opportunity to speak to the club if the opportunity happens."
"Requirement 1: Live within our service area
      South Boundary - Ocotillo Road
      West Boundary - Ellsworth Road
      North Boundary - McDowell Road
      East Boundary - Queen Valley
Requirement 2: Meet 185% of the Federal poverty guidelines, as established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and as determined by our Board of Directors.
Requirement 3: Provide a valid ID and a document that shows proof of residence.  A utility bill or rent receipt will work.  We simply need a current document showing your name and address."