The Board met following the February 15 weekly meeting. Some issues discussed/decided:
1. We want to give honorary Paul Harris awards to some local people for their contributions to our communities and exemplification of the ideals of Rotary.  The club has thousands of available PHF recognition points to do this.  Some names suggested: Paul Bourgeois (Fire Chief), Tom Kelly (Police Chief), Lucy Young (former AJ School board member), George Hoffman (former AJ City Manager), Ed Barker (AG/GC News editor), Tom Kollenborn (local historian). If club members have ideas for others, submit them to President Ed. It is a great way to increase visibility of our club.
2. The board authorized Jandi Morgan (our bookkeeper) to prepare the club's tax reports including filing a late 990EZ due in November.
3. Board agreed to have Carlo send an invoice for Jandi's service with the weekly lunch bill.
4. The club will ask for the $100 grant from District under the Rotary Public Image project.  We will use it to buy club advertising on Facebook.
We need to get more info out to the papers re our doings in the community.
5. The Board turned down a request to provide housing for a Rotary exchange student.  This program has gotten entangled in lots of bureaucratic procedures including some meant for the protection of the incoming student, but difficult to live up to on a daily basis.
6. Homann was asked to publish the procedure for how pictures can be posted on our Club Runner website. Lots of people take pictures at our events.