1. Sharon recapped the awarding of Rotary Scholarships at the Awards Ceremony at Apache Junction High School.  She, Larry Wight and Len LaFlesch were there representing the club and Dana Hawman took pictures.  The awardees, each of whom received a $500 scholarship, were:
Dalton Combs
Beatriz De Santiago
Haylee Eckhardt
Diego Gonzales
Danae Liguori
Sean Mahoney
Olivia Marsala
Yanori Nava Porto
Shaylee Sipple
Ronaldo Venegas
Len found out that since 1978, our Rotary club has donated $138,000 in college scholarships - an amazing figure.  Larry reported that community groups donated $91,400 this year in scholarships and if the college-source scholarships are figured in, the total is well over 1 million dollars.
2. Larry Wight was welcomed into our club as our newest member.  Brian Kabat presented him with his Rotary pin.
3. Bob Homann was presented with his PHF + 8 pin by President Ed Shockley.
4. President Ed noted that several of our club member were at the Boys and Girls Club fund raiser.  The event was successful in generating funds for the club.
5. Larry Wight reported that the Lori Blank and Associates "Shred-A-Thon" shredded 6 1/4 tons of paper documents.
6.  Tracey Yamamoto served as our Sergeant-at-Arms and did a great job.
7. The drawing today was worth $133.50.  Art Hergatt won $10 but drew the jack of clubs, so the joker continues to elude capture.