Posted by Robert Homann on Jan 24, 2018
1. We are partway through our joint tree-planting project with the able help of AJ Parks and Rec (Liz Langenbach) and Warren Salinger from our own club.  Four trees were planted at the Boys and Girls Club baseball field. Next, 36 more trees will be planted along Royal Palms Avenue in AJ so we will have donated a total of 40 trees which represents one for each club member.  On February 21st at the end of our weekly meeting, Parks and Rec will have a van at the resort to take whoever wishes to be in a photo to the final planting along Royal Palms Avenue.  The van will return us to the resort.
2. The drawing was worth $691 today.  Sharon Stinard won $10 and a chance at drawing the joker but she drew the 10 of diamonds.