Posted by Robert Homann on Dec 06, 2017
1. Bryant Powell is our President Pro-Tem today.
2. Aaron McDermid reported on the board member and officer nominations for 2018-19.  The President position will have to be filled by committee of former presidents again.  Board nominees and officers are:
               Bryant Powell
               Jacquie Smith - Secretary
               Tracey Yamamoto
               Aaron McDermid
               Len LaFlesch - Treasurer
               Bob Crow - Rotary Foundation
               Mike Dungan
               Cheryl Kramer
               Lee Holmes
The club voted unanimously to elect the slate presented.
3. Golf Tournament - golf ball drop raffle tickets were handed out.  Club members are expected to sell or purchase the 20 tickets.
We will need registration volunteers on tournament day starting at 10:30 AM.
4. Lee Holmes asked if anyone had an outdoor patio heater they could bring to the Social on the 16th.
5. Jack Beveridge invited club members to attend the distribution of turkeys and other Holiday meal components at Empowerment Systems on December 13.  The address is 2066 west Apache Trail. 1/2 block west of Ironwood.
6. Ed Shockley suggested we pony up $20 per person to pay food costs for the Social.  He mentioned a BBQ place in Mesa that will cater in. 
Pete Polster, a former club member, is undergoing Parkinson's treatment.  Pete has been given a Paul Harris Fellow award by the club.
We received a letter of thank you from East Valley Adult Resources for a donation we made.
7. Aaron McDermid raised "some money for the children" as our Sargent-at- Arms.
8.  The drawing was worth $507.50 today.  Doug Evans won the drawing and $10 but drew the 5 of diamonds.