Posted by Robert Homann on Nov 29, 2017
1. Aaron McDermid is serving as President Pro Tem today.
2. Len reminded us of the need to get prizes and players for the golf tournament on January 13th.
3. Mike Dungan told the club of the passing of Jan Miller, wife of long-term winter visitor Harrell Miller of Napa, CA.  Mike read aloud Harrell's tribute to his wife.
4. Jack Beveridge brought along his communications director who told us of two projects being run by Empowerment Systems:
     a. The Sixth Annual 2017 Drive.  They are seeking donations from club members to provide a wonderful holiday meal for up to 120 families. 
     b. The Eighth Annual Awards Luncheon.  March 29.  They are seeking sponsorships in the $500 to $5,000 range to support the wide variety of programming done by Empowerment Systems.  They are also selling tickets to the luncheon.
5. Earl Zumwalt said his "Goodbyes" to the club.  He has really enjoyed being a member and he has participated fully in our activities.  We will miss you Earl - a lot!  Thank you!
6. Alex Blais won the drawing and $10 (which he contributed back to the club) but he drew the 10 of diamonds.  The drawing was worth $474.50 today.  We are down to 19 cards.