Online Zoom Meetings
by President Bob Benjamin
Zoom Rotary meetings are upon us and bring us back together as never before.  We are no longer constrained by time and distance and each and every one of us can participate in ways unachievable in a large room filled with distractions.  Everyone is center stage when they speak … a powerful feature of an online meeting.
With this new way of meeting its easy to make mistakes. Having a hot-microphone at a Rotary meeting invites a pitfall none of us should experience. But it happened; and a mistake was made.
Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it … but Rotary’s Code of Conduct, part of our proud heritage as Rotarians, has not changed. 
We, as Rotarians, have always maintained high ethical standards with integrity.  We’ve been disciplined and provided a harassment-free environment in Rotary meetings and respected all others regardless of our individual differences.  Our conduct has been above reproach.
In this new world of online Zoom meetings with hot-microphones we must be diligent in our communications with fellow Rotarians and others.  We must work to maintain the standard of behavior Rotary demands.  We must treat everyone with respect and avoid behavior that reflects adversely on Rotary and other Rotarians.
Everyone is encouraged to join our Zoom meetings.  It’s great to get together to share our experiences and stay engaged with Rotary.
Bob Benjamin