Posted by Robert Homann on Feb 21, 2018
Today's speaker was Angelica "Angel" Pilato speaking about "Angel's Truck Stop - a woman's love, laughter and loss during the Viet Nam war."
Angel is a retired Lt. Colonel in the USAF and she has a Ph.D.  She was a very humorous speaker who told us of her various experiences in the military and had everyone laughing. Her book is based on her posting to Udorn AFB in Thailand where she managed the base Officers' Club.  Her book takes its name from the fact that pilots who had a MIG shoot down would drive a truck into the lobby of the Officer's Club - hence "Angel's Truck Stop".  She told of losing good friends to enemy fire and quipped that from her experiences, you don't have to be shot at to suffer the wounds of war.
At the end of her presentation, Angel asked any Viet Nam war vets to come forward to receive a certificate from her thanking them for their service. In the picture below, from left to right are Angel, Bob Benjamin, Ron Knies and visiting Rotarian Jim Nelson.