Posted by Robert Homann on Dec 06, 2017
Our speaker today was Dr. Jim Blessman, M.D., President and Founder of Blessman International.  He had a very successful medical practice in Iowa but at the age of 54 after several mission trips, he felt God's call and decided to enter the foreign mission field in South Africa. 
One very important goal of Blessman International is to feed children and to help them grow up to be good human beings.  The HIV epidemic has led to tens of thousands of children in South Africa without a parent.  It is estimated that there my be as many as 2 million orphans.  The Blessman compound feeds 7,500 children weekly.  They also provide shoes and eyeglasses for the kids. 
Another important goal is to promote sustainability.  They bought 180 acres to start a demonstration farm.  Currently they are growing vegetables and chickens and soon will move into tilapia fish farming via a $150,000 grant from Rotary to the Waukee, IA club. 
Paula Blessman, who we heard speak earlier this year, is in charge of a BI project called Days for Girls that provides girls with feminine hygiene information and products.
Dr. Jim would love to have some of our club members come along on the trip to RSA in January.  He said you can take it as a Christian experience, a Rotary experience or a tourist experience.  Lee Holmes echoed the invitation.
Amazing what you are doing for the people of South Africa.  We will provide some support for your activities.