July 29
Joan Marlow from Peacefully Healing (https://peacefullyhealing.com) spoke to us about loneliness in 2020. March 14 became a "day of infamy" when the President declared a medical crisis, and suddenly we could no longer hug each other or shake hands. We learned about the importance of 6 feet and about the pandemic fatigue phenomenon, demonstrated by fear, anxiety and hopelessness. We've learned new technology (Zoom and FaceTime), new words ("lockdown", Zoom and "essential business")  and discovered a new fashion statement (face masks).
Loneliness is hitting a great number of people, and is being made worse by COVID-19. Joan mentioned a number of things you can do to help yourself, including reaching out to family and friends, finding or renewing your purpose, doing something for yourself (hobbies, reading, art), regular exercise, a healthy diet, connecting with others through phone calls, Zoom chats, letters and online classes, and limiting your news intake. Joan would love to know about your next steps to support yourself and others. Feel free to share your information with Joan at http://joan@peacefullyhealing.com.
July 22
Trinity Cole, President of the Genesis Project, educated us on the history, mission and operations of the organization. The Genesis Project was started in Apache Junction, in 2006, by 2 women who wanted to feed homeless people and give them respite from the heat. They have grown from serving 43 meals during the first year to 86,912 meals in 2019. Their mission is to feed, clothe and hydrate. While their main focus is food, (they are the only food kitchen in Pinal County), people can also get fresh, clean clothes every day. They are 98% volunteer run, with only 1 paid part-time employee, and rely heavily on donations of food from the Grocery Rescue and Food Bank, and cash from private donors. Trinity pointed out that they are part of the tax credit program and also receive some grants. Donations can be dropped off at 564 N. Idaho Road, Suite 11 in Apache Junction.
July 15
Julie O'Connor from Avanti Safety Consulting (https://www.avantisafe.com), LLC gave us an overview of some of the services they provide to their clients, including how to provide employees with a safe work place through training in hazard avoidance, proper operation of equipment, reduction of hazards and working with OSHA. They recommend that their clients "shift safety from a priority to a value". 
July 8
Our speaker was Kenly Letner from Volt Energy Solar. Volt Energy has been in the solar energy field for 9 years and has been operating in Arizona for 4 years. Volt promotes cleaner, smarter energy and pride themselves for being educators in the field. You can learn more about Volt Energy at https://www.volt-energy.com.
July 1
Harvey Clark presided over his first meeting as club president for 2020-2021 by outlining his goals for the club for the next year.