Posted by Robert Homann on Nov 08, 2017
1. Veterans Day is November 11.  Acting President Jay asked all club military veterans to stand and be recognized for their service.
2. Ed Shockley had several announcements
The Rotary Foundation Dinner was attended by Jay and Carol Jones, Bob and Jenny Crow, Jim and Maryanne Erickson and Ed and Cassandra Shockley. Roy Klinginsmith gave a great talk about the history of Rotary.  There was a band and a buffet dinner.
       Ed read a thank you letter from the Save the Family Foundation.
       There will be a Board meeting next week at 11:00 AM
3. Harvey Clark made a plea for a few more volunteers to sell beer at the Festival of the Superstitions this weekend.
4. Sharon Stinard reported that the CAAFA fundraiser "Giddy Up Gala" was a big success. They hope to exceed their fund raising goal for the event.  She thanked the club for our support of the event.
5. Len reminded club members of our individual obligation to provide a gift for the silent auction or drawing prizes.  We should also be working to encourage friends to play in the tournament. 
6. Aaron McDermid served as our Sargent at Arms and raised fine money.
7. The drawing today was worth $421.  Matt Ruppert won the drawing and $10 but drew the 4 of diamonds.  We are down next week to only 20 cards remaining.