Posted by Ed Shockley on Jan 16, 2018

The Superstition Mountain Rotary Club Golf Tournament was a resounding success!

Our club’s volunteers stepped up and got the job done. Led by Len Flesch, Michael Munion, Brenda McCullough, Paula Blessman and Larry Wight. The Rotary volunteers and friends of Rotary were everywhere and taking on the tasks at hand. Our volunteers arrived early and stayed late. Harvey Clark took a video of the 50:50 Ball Drop. John Blessman coordinated with the local Superstition Mountain Fire and Medical for their participation in the ball drop. Two lucky winners split the $1500.00 prize. Congratulations to Jack Beveridge, one of the winners. Our volunteers included Bob Benjamin, Ron McCullough, Tracey Yamamoto, Don Tarrant, Cheryl Kramer, John Blessman, Ron Knies, Michael Cowan, Roberta Holmes, Dean Holmes and Aaron McDermid. The members who played in the tournament were Terry Drader, Matt Ruppert, Maurice Francoeur, Lee Holmes, Michael Munion, Doug Evans, Bryant Powell and Alex Blais. A great showing of players and volunteers. Great work Rotarians and friends. 

Michael Munion and Len LaFlesch took the lead in orchestrating the event, with strong backup of eager volunteers. Len was our MC at the luncheon. Great job Len! 

Larry Wight, our resident professional auctioneer, did an outstanding job of extracting more money from the crowd in the live auction portion of the afternoon.

Brenda and Paula organized the tournament flyer, the online sign up for golfers and categorized the prizes for the silent and live auction as well as prizes for the winners. Tracey organized the 50:50 Ball Drop tickets which raised $1500.00 for our club. Thanks to all of our exceptional volunteers who kept us organized and moving forward throughout the day. Aaron, Heather, Brenna and Kadyn organized the T-Signs that advertised our local business community (see the golf flyer for a list of companies). Each company donated $150.00 per sign. 

Please read the second enclosed attachment that lists all of the Tee Sign Sponsors.

Our Corporate Sponsors, Arizona Water Company (Thank you Jacquie!) and Republic Services, Inc., each contributed $1000.00. Arizona Water Company also donated gift cards. Our Drink Sponsor, Amazing Dental Care (Thank you to our Kiwanis friend, Andrea Chisholm) also donated $1000.00. Horne Hyundai put up a new car for a chance to win it in a hole in one contest. Fry’s Marketplace donated bottled water, snacks for the golfers and gift cards. 

Our members contributed a long list of prizes for the golf prizes and auction items. 

All in all, a fun, engaging, entertaining day in Gold  Canyon and a step closer to reaching our Rotary goals for the year. Nick Armstrong and Carlo Karim donated several prizes from the Gold Canyon Resort and ran an exceptional tournament for our club.  A sincere appreciation to everyone in striving for a better community. PROUD TO BE A ROTARIAN!

Ed Shockley


Superstition Mountain Rotary Club