Posted by Robert Homann on Dec 13, 2017
1. Matt Ruppert is our President Pro Tem today.
2. The Holiday Social is at 5:30 PM on Saturday, December 16 at the Holmes.
3. Jim Erickson read a certificate given to the club for or support of Polio Plus.
4. Lee Holmes thanked Bob Homann for the gift of $300 for the fish farming project in South Africa.
5. Andrea Chisholm of the AJ Chamber of Commerce was present to thank the club for our participation in the Festival of the Superstitions.
6. Aaron McDermid served as our Sargent at Arms.
7. The drawing was worth $536.50.  Jack Beveridge won the drawing and $10 but drew the 4 of spades.  We are down to the last 16 cards in the deck.