Posted by Robert Homann on Nov 01, 2017
1. Bob Crow asked if anyone had made a contribution to Polio Plus during the triple match campaign.  If so, contact him. One donor gave $250 which ended up becoming a gift of $750. 
2. Ed Shockley gave a brief summary of the meeting with the District Governor on October 25.  There were six clubs represented.  We received a new banner for the upcoming Rotary year of 2017-2018.
3. Guests Ruthanne Wahlheim and Martha McNair made a brief presentation encouraging people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.  The time window is narrow this year.
4. Jay Jones said he picked up theme pins for the new Rotary year at the meeting with the DG.  Ask him if you would like one.
5. Harvey Clark reminded the club that we need volunteers to sell beer at the Festival of the Superstitions.  He passed around a sign up sheet but is still short of volunteers.
6. Ben Fellows (right in picture) was recognized for his support of the Mexico Micro Credit program.  Ben gave a gift of $500 to help entrepreneurs get started in business.
7. The club inducted Warren Salinger as our newest member.  Bob Homann is his sponsor and Bob presented Warren with his Rotary pin.  Warren is interested in the international dimensions of Rotary and plans to get involved in that area.
8. The drawing was worth $397.50 today.  Ben Fellows won the drawing and $10 but drew the 10 of clubs.  There are only 21 cards left in the deck so your chances of winning are going up each week.