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Highlights of October 7 Meeting
We heard a powerful message today from Reverend Jason Taylor, President of Other Side Ministries, about his journey from homelessness to serving gourmet meals to the homeless.
Jason experienced homelessness when he was 21 years old, and was able to get back on his feet with the help of a good samaritan. His resume includes a degree from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, experience as an executive chef in Scottsdale and ordination as a minister.
Other Side Ministries was started as an idea and a Facebook event. Jason and a handful of others served the homeless in front of Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS). They fed 250 people in minutes and ran out of food. It was then that he knew he had found his purpose. Other Side Ministries has now served over 10,000 meals.
On April 11th 2019 they began the inaugural class of “A New Beginning”, an 8 week course designed to help participants get started in the food industry. Students must sign a contract to stay clean, do their homework and show up for class. The course also includes resume writing and mock interviews, as well as helping each student find work.
Also in 2019, Other Side Ministries started H.O.P.E. Café (Helping Others Prosper Endlessly) - a kitchen with a cause. The cafe is student-operated and also does catering, which helps students learn and make some money.
To learn more about Other Side Ministries, visit (https://www.othersideministries.org).
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