Next week's program is a Club Assembly which is when club members gather to help shape the directions the club will take for 2016-17.  President Ed will present his goals for the year and several other Rotarians will do the same. There will be ample opportunity for questions and comments.  Please clear your schedule and come to this important meeting.
Rotary's expectation for attendance used to be 100% - if you missed a meeting of your local club you made up at a nearby club.  A couple of years ago, that attendance expectation was dropped to 50%.  Unfortunately, some members of our club almost never show up for meetings, even at a 50% expectation.  You get out of an organization what you put into it.  Rotary is a wonderful organization and our club is one of the local models for good organization, good leadership, good programs and fun fellowship.  We want engagement from every person who decides to become a Rotarian. Do a little introspection on why you don't come to meetings regularly and if it is because the club is not doing what you would like to see done or is doing things you don't like, bring that to the Club Assembly next week.