Written by: Brian King

Once upon a Rotary year-y, while I pondered, growing leery,

Over whether every Rotarian, would give $100 or more.

My mind raced, now more wary, suddenly what I saw was terribly scary.

More so than ghosts or monsters or something rapping at my chamber door.

It was the image of a child, paralyzed, crawling on a dirt floor.

Only this and nothing more.


Ah, but this child I did not know, as she pained and suffered so.

Would not someone else see she was not left upon that dirty floor?

Rapidly my fear turned to sorrow for this child may have no tomorrow.

She was just another crawler, helpless and always to be poor.

Leaving it to someone else, leaves her on that dirty floor.

Nameless and alone for ever more.


More images now, my fear grew stronger; hesitating then no longer.

Poverty, illness, hunger and so many victims of conflict and war.

So many living a nightmare, with whom our good fortune we can share.

No water or food or one to care; no education, for millions no open door.

No opportunity; no bright future, neither nor.

Darkness there and nothing more.


Who will help those in need; this desperate call who will heed?

"Sir," said I, "or Madam", truly your support I implore;

Every Rotarian, everywhere, help end this chilling tale if you dare,

help those in great despair, in our backyard and on another shore.

‘O the ways you can help are so many, please do explore.

And change the life of a child--forevermore!


And every Rotarian, with no hesitation, responded without consternation,

giving every year $100 and even more.

And the children’s eyes have all the seeming, filled of hope; and dreaming;

their smiles now beaming, as Rotarians’ generosity there was an outpour;

And the lives of millions with so little to live for,

shall be lifted--forever and ever more!


​(Sent to club members and friends at the request of Bob Crow, one of our two Rotary Foundation chairs.)