Posted by Roberta Holmes on Mar 31, 2019
March 6
This week we heard from Conrad Storad, award winning author, science writer, editor and teacher, and former professor at ASU. Over 1 million copies of Conrad's nonfiction books for young readers have been published. This week is the 21st anniversary of his first book (Saguaro Cactus) and the 20th anniversary of his first picture book (Don't Call Me Pig! A Javelina Story). You can read more about Conrad at
March 13
Nancy Tossel of Copywriting by Tossell, is a writer, copywriter and editor. She took us through the process involved in writing a book, starting with the reason for the book, dealing with writers block, working with editors and self publishing.
March 20
Jerald Monahan is a law enforcement liaison for End Violence Against Women International. He spoke about the 4-way test as a standard for behavior since 1940, and its impact on public safety. He mentioned changes in the process of responding to, investigating and prosecuting predators. 
March 27
 Sean O'Neill from Memory Dynamics gave an entertaining talk on remembering names and complex lists and dates. He guaranteed that after completion of one of his company's workshops, you will increase recall by a minimum of 300%, be able to recall 50+ items, know how to remember more of what you read, and remember the names of the people you meet. To sign up for a workshop, contact their Customer Care Department at 480-659-4988.