We had a speaker tag team today consisting of AJ City Manager Bryant Powell and AJ Economic Development head Janine Solley.
They spoke from a slide presentation titled  "You Don't Know Apache Junction".  Bryant emphasized that many good things are happening in AJ and we should keep those in mind and always try to talk about the city in a positive way.  He and Janine then told us about some things going on.
  • Development south of U.S. 60
    The state owns 12 sq. mi. of land south of AJ that is a prime location for housing development.  It is bordered by U.S. 60 on the north, Meridian Rd. on the west, Elliot Rd. on the south and a N/S line one mile east of Mountain View Rd.  on the east.  The land has existing infra structure on part of it.  Our new governor and new land commissioner may help get the land sold and developed.
  • Infrastructure Improvements
    An 0.2% city sales tax is generating revenue for street and road improvements.  To date, 2.5 0 million has been spent on road improvements with 10 million planned.  The recent repaving and re-curbing of Apache Trail is a good example.  Nine  million will be raised for a new water treatment plant under construction that will give AJ its own water supply .
  • Downtown Area
    The city has formed two redevelopment districts - the Crossroads RD and the Meridian RD.  These are intended to promote development by making infrastructure improvements. Some improvements made or planned include better streets and sidewalks, better parking, median beautification, land exchanges and a new downtown city park.  New businesses have moved into AJ such as Mountain Health and Wellness and the Harley Davidson dealership.
  • Public image
    The city is promoting its new brand as a western community at the foot of the Superstition Mountains via a new website, new publications (such as the "Arizona Sate Visitors Guide") and outdoor billboards. 
For a better look at what's planned for AJ, see "Downtown Redevelopment and Implementation Strategy" at www.ajcity.net/documentcenter/view/2664.  It is an interesting read full of maps and photos.