Harvey Clark introduced our speaker Bernie Page.  Bernie spoke on two topics - LegalShield and IDShield.  LegalShield was founded in 1972 "with the mission to make equal justice under law a reality for all North Americans". 
Too often the legal system can be skewed toward those who can afford the best attorneys.  In addition, many people can not afford the costs of hiring an attorney to defend themselves.  LegalShield is a form of membership group insurance in which members pay a monthly fee for a variety of services.  For example, under LegalShield, a member has access to personal legal advice on an unlimited basis or assistance with an IRS audit.  The current cost is $17.95/mo. for individuals and $19.95/mo. for families.  They use a proprietary group of legal firms in each of the states. IDShield provides identity theft protection.  They use Kroll Licensed Private Investigators - one of the biggest and best ID theft investigation companies.  Kroll has a $5 million service guarantee to ensure restoration of your compromised accounts to pre-theft status.  The cost is $9.95mo. for individuals and $19.95/mo. for families.  For more information, visit his web site at www.pageassc.net