City Manager Bryant Powell brought us up to date with some happenings in Apache Junction.  The Flatiron Community Park will be inaugurated on April 22 from 5:00-8:30 PM.  Our club donated $10,000 toward the splash pad in the park.
The Pinal Regional Transportation plan proposes a north-south freeway connecting US 60 in Apache Junction with US 10 in Eloy.  The US 60 link would be at Mountain View Road.  There is a public hearing on the proposed route on Thursday, March 23rd at the MultiGen Center in AJ from 5:00-9:00 PM.  There is no Gold Canyon bypass in ADOT's current 5-year plan but what is planned is an extension of US 24 from Mesa-Gateway Airport east to join Ironwood Rd. The AJ City Council has approved a closure plan for the landfill.  It will remain open for the next 17 years but then a new landfill site will have to be found. Construction on the Fry's Marketplace store is proceeding.  There will be several other businesses located next to Fry's as well.  AJ is considering an 0.5% sales tax increase. 
Thanks Bryant for being a dynamic force for positive changes in Apache Junction and for your membership in our club.