Harvey Clark introduced our speaker for the day, Brian Brotschi from Symantec.  His topic was "How to Stay Safe Online".
Brian said trust is the big issue in being online.  Do you believe the person you are dealing with is who they say they are?  Why do you believe they are or might not be
He gave us 5 suggestions to be safe online.
1. Look for the green stripe validating your service provider - never give out personal information if it is not there. (I have never seen it on my computer - editor)
2. Use your bank's app on your smart phone - it is highly encrypted
3. Use two stage authorization - passwords alone are notoriously easy to crack.  A second authorization such as a picture or a fingerprint or question is good policy for the website provider.
4. Password procedures - use strong passwords - long with caps, numbers and symbols.  Don't use the same password for different accounts - it makes more of you information accessible if the PW is hacked. Consider using a PW vault like Last Pass.
5. Use a chip credit card - replace you swipe credit cards with this new, more secure technology.