Our speaker was Nancy Burgess, Operations Manager of the Apache Junction Food Bank. 


Nancy thanked the club for the $5,000 donation to help buy the refrigerated truck and for the $1,000 gift today.  They have put the Rotary logo on the truck to honor our club's strong support for the Food Bank.


The Food Bank served 28,527 clients from 12,000 families in 2013.  They were able to lower the food cost per client from $1.39 to $1.17 without lowering the amount or quality of the food they provide.  The Food Bank follows Federal poverty guidelines in determining who is eligible.  No one is refused food the first time they appear, but the staff tries to ensure that the people meet the income and geographical proximity guidelines before they can be served again. 

Two volunteer drivers pick up food donated by grocery stores.  The Food bank could use someone to assist one of the drivers with pick ups on Thursday mornings.  They also need new volunteers in the summer because the demand continues high straight through the summer months.

The food bank put on a very successful golf tournament this year as part of the Day of the Cowboy celebration in Gold Canyon.  It will be repeated next November 2.  

The Post Office food drive is very important to the Food Bank.  They get a flood of food that lasts for 3 months.  They can use volunteers to help unload the Post Office trucks.  

This past November, the Food Bank tried a Thanksgiving food drive with turkeys and other food given to 208 families.  Nancy would like to expand that program to include Christmas as well.  

We are proud to be partners with the AJ Food Bank and we thank you Nancy, the Food Bank Board and all the volunteers that make this operation an amazingly effective one in meeting the needs of so many local people.