Jan Whalen - Rock Solid Confidence

For many, the thought of getting up and speaking in front of group is frightening. The thought of “making of fool of yourself” is simply unacceptable. And that’s just a part of it. A lack of confidence can easily cause a lack of assertiveness and prevent a person from realizing their full potential.

Jan Whalen has managed to find a niche in helping people develop the confidence they need to become more successful in their professional and personal lives.
Part of her approach is to evaluate each of her clients with the goal of uncovering comfort zones of confidence. Sometimes it’s the way a person perceives failure. For some the smallest failure can be devastating despite the reality of being insignificant. Getting wiped out in a video game means hitting the reset button and trying again. Real life can work the same way. Rejection or failure may not be so bad if one can get comfortable with the idea that you are now free to explore an even better opportunity for success.
For others, confidence might be as simple as the way you dress. Some clothes may make you feel strong and powerful while another outfit makes you feel weak and timid. It often boils down to how people see themselves. Are you accepting of who you are as an imperfect human being? Or are you critical of not being perfect?
Some of Jan’s suggestions for people who have difficulty speaking in front of a group include; speak about a topic that’s easy or fun … a topic that you really know and where you won’t feel at risk of being challenged; practice speaking in front of your friends in a “safe” environment before the occasion of making a presentation to strangers; and take on speaking tasks where short reports are the norm rather than a lengthy speech.
Jan is presently working with veterans coming out of the service and going through the transition to civilian life. The military environment, with its structured relationships, provides a safe setting to do what you were trained to do with confidence. Lacking that comfort zone in civilian life leaves many to feel like they’ve been set adrift without a paddle and need to find ways to learn confidence in a whole new unstructured world.
Jan Whalen is the author of her new book Rock Solid Confidence. Learn more about Jan’s activities on her website at …