Alan Rudolph - Bondurant

ImageAlan Rudolph of Bondurant School of High Performance Driving was our speaker at Wednesday’s meeting.  Alan, Vice President and General Manager of the Super Kart School at Bondurant, has been with Bondurant for thirteen years. Alan began racing Go Karts at the age of nine. He is one of the top Go Kart drivers in the country, and recently became the champion in the Rotax National Super Kart race. He is also the champion of the three winter tour races this year in Florida and the team captain of the American team for this year’s world championship race in Portugal in November. Alan said that many race drivers have been instructors at Bondurant, and most of the current NASCAR drivers have been through the Bondurant School.  Many of them return for advanced training. NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson was there last week driving one of their Corvette’s sharpening up on gear shifting. Bob Bondurant did most of the driving in the movie Grand Prix and taught actors Paul Newman and James Garner how to race.  They became lifetime friends.


Bob Bondurant, a former world champion race driver started racing is the 1960’s. He teamed up with Carl Shelby and drove one of his Cobra race cars. Alan said Bob Bondurant purchased the Cobra from Shelby after winning the championship. Shelby told him the car would be worth a lot of money someday. Bob paid $4,000 for the car and sold it a few years later for $10,000.  A few years ago the car sold for $7.2 million dollars.

Bondurant opened his school 44 years ago, and has taught over 300,000 people how to drive fast and safely.  Many of those students were from the military, Secret Service, police, security officers and other government agencies. Bondurant recommends that young drivers avail themselves to the school, and learn how to drive safely. According to Alan, Bob Bondurant jumps into one of his Corvette’s most mornings and takes a couple of hot laps around the track.