KRDE Radio – Bill Pettus
ImageGeneral Sales Manager of KRDE Radio, Bill Pettus, spoke to us about the benefits of radio and gave us some tips on how radio can benefit Rotary. Bill is a Rotarian with the Chandler Rotary Club.

Radio has the benefit of efficiently reaching a large number of people in a targeted demographic. Layering radio advertising with other media, such as Direct Mail and Television, works best. To be effective your ad must have “a call to action” and a “unique selling proposition”.

Service clubs and other non-profit organizations, such as Rotary, are always looking for ways to communicate their fund raising events. One way to do that is with a PSA - Public Service Announcement. The FCC has a requirement that all radio stations do a certain number of PSAs. Take advantage of that regulation. To have your announcement bubble to the top of the many requests that are made requires some discipline. Don’t try to tell the whole story. A long message including the history of your event will get tossed. No one will ever read it … and it won’t be heard on the radio. Follow these rules to give you the best likelihood of getting your PSA aired.

  • Make your announcement short; 15 seconds at most
  • Get to the point; who, what, where and when
  • Send it in early; 4 to 8 weeks in advance

Another method non-profits use to get help from radio is “third party sponsorships”. The key ingredient is the radio advertiser who is willing to endorse the non-profit event. The radio station, the non-profit and the advertiser can cooperate in any number of ways. The right combination happens when the radio station has a message to deliver; the advertiser gets recognition for supporting the non-profit’s cause; and the non-profit gets a benefit in funds or exposure. It can be a Win - Win - Win. KRDE prides itself for being able to put third party sponsorships together.

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