Classification Talk - Julian Easter

ImageSome classification talks come across like a job resume; others deal with a unique or special time in the speaker’s life. Still others use the occasion to teach us something having to do with their profession. But Julian’s focus was about family. Clearly he’s a people person; a family man.


Julian’s Dad was a steel worker and Mom was a stay at home mom with eight children … five boys and three girls.  Religion and education were paramount in their lives.  All of his siblings graduated from college with Julian getting his degree from Notre Dame.  By today’s standards his parents were strict … but that was just the norm for the Easter children.  All the kids had to earn their way … there were no shortcuts and no gimmies. His parents invested in the education of their children … after that they were on their own. There were no graduation presents because, as his Mom said … “Why do you need a present - you’re supposed to graduate”.  Julian’s birthday present started out being one dollar – and that never changed.  Even as an adult with a family of his own Julian’s birthday present from his parents was always one dollar.

Julian and his wife, Dawn, have 4 children - one boy and three girls; and three grandchildren.  Julian was impressed with Dawn from their very first date … she drove a stick shift vehicle.  Not only did he not know how to drive a stick … he didn’t even have a car.  Julian was a little unclear as to how many years they’ve been married. With Dawn attending the meeting … we can only presume that Julian will be tested on the subject of their wedding date … 1983 or 1984? Thanks for the good laugh Julian.  We got another laugh when Julian accepted a phone call from his youngest daughter while giving his talk … what a Dad!

Julian’s career choice was defined early when working at a summer job. The corporate culture of working toward getting the “gold watch” did not seem to meet his need to get the kind of gratification he wanted by working with people.  Training and teaching met that need and thus his career in Respiratory Therapy began.  Gradually Julian evolved into education administration. He is now the Dean of Health Careers and Sciences at Central Arizona College.