Classification Talk by Beth Woodruff
Co-owner of the Mirage Sports Grill

<img alt="" title="Woodruff-Mirage.jpg " style="border-width: 0px; width: 100px; height: 133px; float: left;" src="" jQuery1310492341390="104" />No stranger to her present business, Beth has spent her entire working life in the bar & grill industry. Starting out at the age of 15 as the lead rock and roll singer in a bar in La Crosse, Wisconsin she stuck with it and turned that start into a career. Now Beth and her husband are the owners of two bars; one in La Crosse and one in Apache Junction.

When coming to Arizona three years ago they created a little bit of Wisconsin right here in Apache Junction. The magic formula; give the Midwestern retirees a bar & grill with the food and atmosphere of Wisconsin. According to Beth it works. Her customers, mainly snowbirds living in Apache Junction park models, come by the dozens. In fact, often a group of 25 or more from a single retirement community will come in together.

Right now Beth and her crew are moving the restaurant to a new location near the Ace Hardware in Apache Junction on the Trail. Better visibility and more room, including banquet facilities, are the expected benefits. All the physical work of setting up a restaurant all over again is difficult and all the government paperwork is just frustrating … but she believes it will all be worth the effort.

Beth expects the Mirage Sports Grill to be open in the new location on September 1st – Packers and Vikings are both welcome.