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ImageOn July 21, 2008 Navy Hospital Corpsman, Anthony Ameen, stepped on a pressure plate Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan while attached to a Marine combat battalion.  Anthony told us a two-part story. The first part was the horrific explosion that destroyed his left foot and severely damaged his right leg and left hand. Anthony was running to help a wounded Marine. The second part of his story dealt with the further damage inflicted on Anthony by those who should have supported him during his recovery. It’s debatable as to which part is more heartbreaking.


First – the explosion; the loudest explosion he had ever heard.  He was flipped over and landed on his back with excruciating pain in his right leg. When the dust cleared he was able to see that his left foot was all but gone. Right away he knew his life had changed … he was an amputee.

Then, what happened during the next few years was an entirely different battle than Anthony could have ever imagined; he was denied Social Security benefits and Traumatic Service Insurance benefits. Anthony was now engaged in a multi-year battle with our own military and government entities to secure healthcare, financial and legal benefits.

On hearing his story one Rotarian blurted out unconscionable”.

Conduct that is unusually harsh and shocking to the conscience; conduct that is unjust or extremely one-sided in favor of the party having superior bargaining power.

Such an apt description of the way Anthony was treated after returning home.  Most Americans would be shocked to find that many of our heroes are being treated so poorly and with so little respect. It is little wonder that Anthony initially turned to alcohol to escape the depression. Thankfully, a 70-year old Vietnam Veteran / PTSD Counselor pulled Anthony out of “a dark place”.

Now Anthony Ameen wants to help others and keep them from fighting the needless battle that he had to fight. To find out how, check out his website …


Anthony Ameen and Drew Manusharow
Copyright Photos by Drew Manusharow
Used with permission