Classification Talk - Harvey Clark
ImageFor those of you weren’t there - too bad. I can’t do justice to the depth of Harvey’s experience, his humor and the entertaining way he told us about his life.

What I can do is restate how one of his calls as a policeman turned into a lifelong friendship. Harvey responded to an emergency call to a man who slipped with a chainsaw with near fatal results. Thanks to Harvey, he lived and wrote this poem. 
A policeman is a man with guts, intelligence and pride,
And should you ever need one, he’ll soon be at your side.
I speak from an experience, though personal to me,
To him it’s probably something that every day he’ll see.
I had an accident you see, and cut myself quite bad.
I, too, can say, it was the worst of accidents I’ve had.
I called “Emergency” by phone, seeking out his aid,
Before I knew it he was there, as to myself I prayed.
Into his car he aided me, like a father would his son,
And though I can’t recall his name, I’ll call him “No. 1”.
I watched the traffic move aside, inside his car of blue,
There were times I thought we’d crash, as we went zooming thru.
He drove with the precision of a driver in a race,
While I tried to stop the bleeding with a towel to my face.
His bright lights flashing top his car, and too, his siren’s blare,
And while it seemed forever, in minutes we were there.
He walked me to the hospital with a “Mother’s loving care”,
And once inside the doctor would take it all from there.
So to those of ignorance, from this verse take heed,
I only ask you change your tune before you are in need.
Of this man scorned and spit upon and too, he’s called a “pig”,
By animals quite ignorant to make themselves feel “big”.
And though we know that he is paid as he goes through the ranks,
I’ll submit this payment by simply saying “THANKS”. 
by John Stoffan


Sporting a dashing mustache and that all too familiar smile
Harvey Clark receiving a well earned citation from the Chief.