The LugNuts

There is hope for the future
 At our last meeting of the year we were treated to group of young people who presented such a bright look at the future generation that it took our breath away. These guys were incredible. The creativity, intellect and confidence displayed in their presentation can only be compared to what one might expect from a group of college level engineering students. They spoke of brainstorming and using teamwork to find solutions to modern day problems. 
With some direction from their adult coaches, this Robotics team, The LugNuts, worked together to do research, develop and design a solution to a problem defined by a set theme. Here are their innovative solutions for the last two years.
Theme – Food Safety
Stickify - The LugNut product idea
Retailers must keep certain foods refrigerated to prevent them from spoiling. A simple sticker – The Stickify – can be adhered to the package to indicate whether cold temperatures had been maintained.  For example, if the item’s temperature rises above 40 degrees for 2 hours or more the Stickify changes color from green to red. The buyer and the retailer both benefit by knowing that the food item is unsafe and should not be sold.
Theme - Biomedical Engineering
Epi-Watch – The LugNut product idea
For those susceptible to severe allergic reactions a shot of epinephrine can mean the difference between life and death. Having that shot immediately available is critical. Unlike depending on a time-consuming 911 call; the at-risk person can wear an Epi-Watch that contains two injectable doses of the life saving drug. And it tells time too.
Teacher and robotics coach Kimberly Merlene and parent coach Russ Harris brought these 5th and 7th graders to Rotary to make their outstanding presentation.  Students Blake, Wyatt, Nick, Varum, Evin, Braxton and Brigham all attend The Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies. One had the feeling that seeing these kids was a glimpse of tomorrow … and the future looks bright.