The temperature on Saturday, January 10, 2015 was predicted to be 73 and sunny.  Turned out it was 67 and misty.  But, that did not stop our club and Gold Canyon Resort from hosting the best tournament ever!


  We had 104 players; 52 American and 52 Canadians.  The total of 104 players exceeded last year's players by 37% or 28 additional players.  There were more women than usual, but this is likely due to the fact that the Ryder Cup format accommodates couples.


We grossed $22,000 the highest ever and the net was $11,000. Apache Junction High School will love it since they are the main recipient of the funds.


Everyone had a lot of fun.  If you do not believe me, go to our website and view the pictures.  All players were smiling and happy.


And to top it off, one player had a hole in one.  This is a first for our event.  His name was Freddy Rios and he is the manager of the Miami office of Arizona Water, one of our major sponsors.  It was Freddy's first hole in one.   What a wonderful climax to a great tournament.

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