Where Do We Go From Here ?
Bryan Boll - Jackson National Life Insurance Company

ImageBryan discussed a number of challenges facing many of us as we approach the retirement years. 

The Pension Plunge … the past twenty five years have shown a dramatic reduction in the number of traditional pension plans in the US; from about 170,000 in 1985 down to about 49,000 in 2007.  Most of those that remain are under funded.

Social Insecurity … Social security benefits are funded by younger working people.  When the number of workers far exceeded the number of beneficiaries the system was sound.  Not so today.  The number of workers supporting a beneficiary was 16.5 in 1950 … that ratio has dropped to 3.0 in 2010.

The Healthcare Nightmare ... A retired couple aged 65 may need $250,000 just to pay for healthcare.  That’s more than the typical household has saved.

Most investors fail to accumulate the funds needed for retirement.  Using a financial planner to determine the best investment strategy is critical.  In so doing the investor can deal with other challenges such as taxes and inflation.  Our longer life expectancy is just another factor to consider when planning for the amount of money needed during our retirement years.

Bryan suggested one investment alternative is the Variable Annuity with Living Benefit.  Look at the Jackson website for more information.