1. Chief Kelly explained the details surrounding a recent shooting death in a barricade situation in Apache Junction.
2. Jay Jones wife Carol had surgery Monday.  The club sends it best wishes to Carol for a speedy recovery.
3. Harvey Clark has the speaker schedule set through November.
4. President Ed reminded us of the Paint-A-Thon on October 22 (7AM to Noon) that the club will join as a service project.  We need about 25 people on our work team so bring your spouse, your kids and your friends. We will wear the "Rotarians at Work" gold-colored vests. Hey if we get some paint on them, it will be evidence that we were in fact working.
5. Harvey Clark described the National Life Guard Championship held in Hermosa Beach, CA.  His granddaughter Kaylee Peterson placed high in several events.
6. Mike Dungan brought us the news of the day.
7. Aaron McDermid did his duty raising funds as our Sergeant-at-Arms.
8. The drawing today was worth $99.  Chief Kelly won the drawing, but gave the $10 back to the club.  The Chief drew the ace of hearts which means lucky in love, but he was not so not so lucky at finding the joker.