• Kudos to Len LaFlesch for getting the article about Superstition Mountain Rotary into the District newsletter.
  • Bob Homann announced that Rosita Raby, our club’s candidate for the Rotary Vocational Fund, received her grant. She will be attending the East Valley Medical College to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.
  • Bob also informed us that the Board voted to give $1000 for a Shelter Box to aid in Nepal relief following their big earthquake. The club also received an accountability report to outgoing District Governor John Pennypacker from Rotarians in Nepal informing us that the effort in Nepal has received $750,000 from Rotary donations as of June, 2015. “After completion of individual relief activities, we are now focusing on rehabilitation work. We will do 4,150 temporary transition shelters, then we will move on to rebuild 140 primary schools, and 1,000 low cost shelters for people in Nepal.”
  • Sharon Stinard shared thank you notes that have been received from students who were awarded scholarship funds from the Superstition Mountain Rotary Club.
  • New President Matt Ruppert pointed out the new banner for the new Rotary year. The theme for this year is: “Be a Gift to the World.” The accompanying mission statement reads:
             “Every one of us has something to give, whoever we are, whatever our place in life. We can give our talent, our knowledge, our abilities, and our effort. We can give our dedication and our devotion. Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world. It is said that we are born with our fists clenched, but we die with our hands open. Our talents are the gifts that God gave us. What we make of our talents is our gift back. Equally, we come into this world grasping at everything, but when we leave it, we leave all material things behind as well. Through Rotary, we can leave behind something real and lasting. Our time is now; it will never come again. Be a gift to the world.”
  • By special request of the new President, Bill Burrows continues reporting “all the news that’s fit to read.” Topics today included the United States and Cuba opening embassies in their capital cities after more than 50 years; the justice department investigating charges that airlines are colluding to keep air fares high; Episcopalians set to vote on allowing religious weddings for gay couples; and an Ohio court throwing out a parking citation due to a missing comma in the writing of the law.
  • Len LaFlesch won the drawing and $10 but drew the three of hearts.  The pot was worth $76 today.  Len put the $10 back in the blue bucket - thanks Len!