1. Bill Burrows brought us the news of the day.
2. We passed around a donation can for a Christmas "Thank You" gift for Maria and other resort staff who take care of us so well for our meetings and meals.
3. Jack Beveridge thanked the club members who donated to their Turkey Drive.  Club members are welcome to come to the distribution to help hand out turkeys.
4. Ron McCullough donated two Rotary T shirts that were later auctioned off by Mike Dungan.  Purchasers were Jim Dokken and Bill Burrows. 
5. Mike Munion asked club members to donate raffle prizes for the golf tournament.  They can be personal purchases you donate or solicited from businesses.  Jeannie Anderson will gather the donations brought to the club meetings.  We will need 12 volunteers not golfing to help out with the golf tournament.  
6. Jim Erickson promoted the club shirts made at Gold Canyon Embroidery.  He passed around a sign up sheet.  If you want one, see Jim.  Cost is $33.45.
7. Mike Munion and the club thanked the Dungans for hosting the Holiday Social.  Homann has pictures of the event on the club website (www.superrotary.com).
8. Mike Dungan served as Sargeant-at-Arms.  He has a neighbor with a shotgun who doesn't like drones flying around (see Speaker section).  
9. Bill Burrows won the raffle and $10.  The pot was worth $162.  But Bill missed the joker and drew the five of spades.