1. Gene and Jeannie Anderson reported on progress toward our Food Bank pumpkin pie challenge.  They thanked members who brought in more pie makings today.  Several members donated cash at the meeting for the project.  Gene will take what we have given to the Food Bank today.  THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED FOOD OR $ FOR THIS PROJECT!!!
2. Sharon mentioned the Club Social on December 5 at 5 PM at Dungans.  If you plan to come, sign up on the sheet.  Cost is $15/person.  Sharon also noted that member Dana Hawman did a story on our dictionary project with a picture to send out in the district newsletter.
3. Len LaFlesh showed off the updated club trifold and cards to be used to invite people to attend one of our meetings.  He will put the trifold at the AJ Chamber and the GC Visitors Center. THANKS LEN FOR GETTING US CURRENT ON THIS IMPORTANT RECRUITMENT TOOL.
4. Bill Burrows (or was that Bellows?) brought us the news of the day. Buffalo, NY is being buried under lake effect snow as a strong winter storm moves East.  And a great dane had 19 puppies.
5. Heather Itz filled in for Aaron McDermid as Sargeant-at-Arms and did a great job!  Tracey Y. gave her moral support.
6. The 50/50 drawing was won by John Rain.  He donated his $10 winnings to the Food Bank project.  He drew the jack of hearts and so the pot will continue to grow.