1. President Bryant welcomed Ben Fellows back to Arizona after his summer hiatus.  Good to have you back Ben.
2. Sharon Stinard announced "Disco Fever", the fundraiser for CAAFA will be held October 25 at Dolce Vita Resort starting at 6 PM.  She encouraged club members to consider buying a table of eight for $225.  Individual tickets are $25 until October 1 when prices go up to $30 and $270 for a table. There will be a dinner buffet, drinks and lots of dancing.
3. President Bryant announced that a new microcredit grant from RI for investing in Hermosillo, MX has been received by the district.  See the story below.
4. Daiton Rutkowski thanked club members for their donations to the U.S. Army 59th battalion.  The gifts have been mailed to the troops.
5. Harvey Clark mentioned the need to sign up for the Corey Remsburg talk on September 24th.
6. Bill Burrows brought us "all the news that's fit to read".  One interesting item, on this date in 1783, the Treaty of Paris was signed ending the American Revolutionary War. 
7. Aaron McDermid raised money "for the children" as our Sargeant-at-Arms
8. The joker was worth $471 today.  Jeannie Anderson won the drawing and $10, but didn't get the joker so the pot grows again next week.