1. Bob Crow checked on Harrell Miller who lives in Napa, CA where the strong earthquake hit.  Harrell and Jan are OK but they did have some things tip over that were not fastened to the wall and had some glasses broken by the quake.
2. Bryant introduced Brian Kabat, the owner of Ace Hardware in Apache Junction, as a potential member.  Brian has attended twice and needs to come one more time.  He has submitted his application for membership.
3. Bryant read the list of July and August birthdays, wedding anniversaries and club join anniversaries.
4. Harvey Clark apologized for saying Paul Gosar was not running when in fact he is.  He passed around a sign-up sheet again for attending the talk by Corey Remsburg on September 24. 
5. Mike Munion announced there would be a meeting of the Golf Tournament Committee after the meeting.
7. Bill Burrows brought us the news of the day.
8. Aaron McDermid, our Sargeant-at-Arms, squeezed some fines out of members for our chronically needy budget.  He actually gave $1 back to Matt Ruppert for a good quip but then got it back by fining Matt.
9. The drawing today was worth $451.  Jack Beveridge won the drawing and $10 but drew the six of clubs.