1. Bob Benjamin presented the club with a check for $2,000 for our participation in the 8 K Trail Run event during the Lost Dutchman Marathon.  Bob and President Ed thanked the 17 volunteers and Ed thanked Bob for spearheading the club's participation in the event.
2. Jay Jones alerted the club to the upcoming vote at our May 17th meeting regarding approval of the updated Constitution and By-Laws.  The two documents have been approved by our club Board of Directors but a vote by the membership is required.  Jay has distributed the documents by email to members.  If you need them, contact Jay or see them on our Club Runner website.
3. President Ed reminded us of the District Conference to be held in Flagstaff June 23-24. Seven club members are going so far.
4. Aaron McDermid served as Sargeant-at-Arms and raised fines for our always needy budget.
5. The drawing today was worth $151.50.  Ed Shockley won $10 and a chance at the joker but drew the king of hearts.