1. President Ed exchanged trading banners with Jim Nelson, one of our winter visitors, who is a DG from District 6420 in Illinois.
2. Bob Benjamin presented the club with a plaque honoring our participation in the Lost Dutchman Marathon.  This year's volunteers had to deal with mud and rain but they persisted and the 8K was a success as usual. 
3. Mike Cowan reported that the staffing for all shifts of the Lost Dutchman Rodeo is now complete.  Mike and Ron Knies handed out ID badges for volunteers.
4. President Ed reported that club member Ben Fellows asked the club on behalf of the AJ Food Bank for a $3,000 grant to provide milk for kids over the summer months.  The club donated $2,200 toward the goal of $3,000.
5. Aaron McDermid raised some fines "for the children".
6. The drawing was worth $436 today.  The winning number was held by our visiting Rotarian Jim Nelson.  He won $10 but missed the joker.