1. Bryant Powell reported that he and Jim Erickson attended the Saturday session of the District 5510 Conference.  Jay Jones was recognized for his superb leadership and Laurie Armstrong from our club was memorialized at the event.  Next year the conference will be a bi-district event.
2. Sharon Stinard reported that she attended the District Conference dinner and award ceremony on Friday evening.  She had a chance to see Jay boogie to "Rock Around the Clock".  Jay and wife Carol renewed their marriage vows under the Rotary emblem.  Sharon picked up the Club Central Award the club earned for going the extra mile and setting its strategic goals.  
3. Len LaFlesch and Bryant Powell both said that the Director of the AJ Food bank was delighted with the help from Rotarians on the recent Post Office food drive.  See the club website and last week's eBulletin for a story and pictures of our participation there.
4. Bill Burrows brought us the news.  On this date in history, Charles Lindburgh landed in Paris after his solo trans-Atlantic flight.
5. Sharon Stinard introduced Rodney Falberg, a student at CAC who received one of our $500 scholarships.  Rodney thanked the club for the gift. He is studying Early Childhood Education and hopes to go on for a BA after completing his AA.  Julian Easter also commented on how appreciative the 5 students were who received the scholarships last year - they all mentioned it to him when they crossed the stage at graduation.

6. Aaron McDermid is our new Sargent-at-Arms and he did a good job.  We will all miss Mike Dungan. Mike you have served the club in this role for many years and you are one of the reasons it is the strong club it is today because you helped us all have a good time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your service to the club.
7. Jay Jones thanked Bryant, Jim and Sharon for being at the conference to support him and Carol.
8. The drawing was worth $240 today.  Bill Burrows won the drawing and $10 but missed the joker.