Make a Difference Day Service Project
We will be participating in Apache Junction's 'Make a Difference Day' on Saturday, October 9 at 7:30 a.m. The meeting location is the Apache Junction Focal Point, across from Flatiron Park (100 N. Apache Trail). If you haven't had a chance to sign up yet, contact Jeff Mitchell at 630-297-9204.
Luggage for Foster Kids
The Club is collecting new or gently used luggage to give to Arizona's foster kids. Many of the kids only have plastic bags to carry their personal belongings. If you have a dufflebag, a backpack or luggage, please donate cash or luggage to assist these children and young adults. Please contact Ed Shockley at or call 602-616-0145 and Ed will pick up any donations at your convenience.
Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Mark your calendars for Saturday December 18th, 2021 for the Superstition Mountain Rotary 21st Annual Charity Golf tournament. Our golf tournament is one of our major annual fundraiser events.The proceeds benefit a wide number of local area youth and non-profit causes, including AJ Boys & Girls Club, local area food banks, non-profits serving the homeless - as well as a wide range of other local area needs. Revenues from the event also helped provide more than $12,000 for scholarships ~ which helped a number of high school seniors proceed with educational goals. 

Your help is needed  -- regardless if you are a golfer/or not a golfer

---- If you are a golfer, gather your friends and sign up to play in the event

---- Regardless of whether you are a golfer or not, you can help play an important role, by purchasing sponsorships, purchasing ball drop tickets, providing raffle items -- or asking others to provide raffle items, or purchase a sponsorship

Some suggestions for raffle event items are gift certificates for restaurants, hair salons, oil changes, nail salons, massage therapy, gyms, etc ------- all the sorts of goods and services that people regularly need and enjoy. Consider helping a small business by purchasing a gift certificate from them to be donated for use as a raffle item at the Golf Tournament.

- To get contact details for sponsorships, along with other info -- and to register for the tournament, click here:

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September 29 Meeting
Our speaker was Pam Harrison, Library Director from the Apache Junction Library. Pam gave an informative talk about changes at the Apache Junction Library, and also talked about a number of the various programs which the library offers to residents in the Apache Junction and Gold Canyon areas.
September 22 Meeting
Our speaker was Brian Sexton, Community Relations Manager at Mesa Gateway Airport who gave an informative talk about growth and changes at the Mesa Gateway Airport.
Jeffrey Mitchell has joined the Board as Service Project Chair. He will be working to co-ordinate a variety of service projects for the Club in the coming months.
September 15 Meeting
Our speaker was Abe Fedor, who spoke about 'Micro Credit in Mexico'. He shared a video and Powerpoint with many interesting details about the program, and gave a number of examples with stories about individuals who have received a micro credit loan and how it has been very beneficial to their life and allowed them to have a business and support their family. Carole Kralicek presented him with a $1500 donation from the club.
September 7 Meeting
Our speaker was club member and Past District Governor, Bill Pettus. Bill has been a Rotary member for 37 years, and recently transferred to the club from the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Bill spoke about his life experiences, as well as Rotary experiences. His speech was quite interesting, and several members expressed regret that we ran out of time. We're all looking forward to hearing more of his story.
Our two newest members, Terralle Moore and Sarah Snyder, removed the red 'new member' ribbons from their badges today. Terralle and Sarah have gotten involved in a variety of Club activities and have also made a big effort to get to know the other members. Welcome to Superstition Mountain Rotary Club, Terralle and have now officially been declared 'old members'!
Roberta had the honor of awarding Brian Kabat with a Paul Harris +2!
September 1 Meeting
Our speaker was Rotary District Governor Bret McKeand. Bret talked about the theme for this year - 'Serve to Change Lives' - and encouraged us to 'double-down' on community service this coming year. He also encouraged us to focus on combining last year's Rotary theme with the theme for this current year - 'Rotary opens opportunities for all of us to serve to change lives'. Rotary helps to provide well intentioned individuals the opportunities to achieve things that one/single person would not be able to achieve by themselves.
Bret awarded Ed Shockley with the Community Service Champion award. Ed is a past president and is currently our Community Service chair. In April, he also took over Harvey Clark’s presidential duties when he became ill, and has continued to make our V.I.P. meeting format possible by doing the necessary equipment setup each week. Ed has definitely changed a lot of lives during his years in Rotary. 
Sharon Stinard was awarded a Paul Harris +2 by DG Bret.
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August 25 Meeting
Our speaker was Terry Cowan, speaking about 'Rotary E-Clubs'.
'E-Clubs' do not have a brick and mortar meeting location - they only meet on-line. There are 142 E-Clubs, around the world. Members can be from different cities/time-zones, and even different countries. Terry's E-Club has 63 members, with 23 of the members located outside of the USA. The current President is a member from Uganda, but currently resides in Aberdeen, Scotland. Previous Club Presidents have come from New Mexico, Colorado and Mexico. Terry's E-Club is 'Rotary E-Club of the SouthWest USA' [ ]. E-Clubs meet weekly - same as 'regular' Clubs. They carry out service projects, support The Rotary Foundation, and also socialize. But the members connect through the Internet.
August 18 Meeting
Our speaker was Apache Junction City Manager, Bryant Powell, who spoke to the Club about 'Apache Junction Development'. Bryant focused on some issues facing the community related to transportation and planning issues, along with some history. He shared a number of charts and maps and discussed various short term, as well as longer term projects -- and the variety of challenges related to them. Bryant's presentations are always informative and Club members are appreciative of his time and effort in keeping us updated about the happenings in our community.
August 11 Meeting
Our speakers were Jeffrey and Pat Mitchell, who gave mother and son classification talks. Both Jeffrey and Pat gave presentations that were interesting and informative, with some humor added in as well. It was a good time for all who had the opportunity to listen and hear their interesting story.
Sabrina Mitchell was introduced as a new member into the Club. Welcome Sabrina!
Sharon Stinard introduced two Rotary scholarship recipients, Chad Kahiga and Katelyn Beazley. Both Chad and Katelyn shared information about the educational path they are pursuing, and how the scholarship money will assist them with their education.
August 4 Meeting
Our speaker was President-elect, Carol Kralicek, who spoke to the group about 'Money, money ' -- covering a number of points about the financial aspects of Rotary organizations.
New club member, Bill Pettus was introduced to the Club. Bill has been a long time Rotarian who is transferring to Superstition Mountain Rotary from another Club - out of state. Bill has been a Past Club President, Past District Governor. and Past Rotary Foundation Coordinator.
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We celebrated our first social event of the Rotary year at Taradiddles in Apache Junction on August 28th. Hoping to make socials a regular part of our program schedule!
A recent service project was to help provide support for CAAFA - (Community Alliance Against Family Abuse). Club member Sharon Stinard delivered $400 of personal hygiene supplies to CAAFA on behalf of the Club. CAAFA provides emergency shelter and other services for victims of domestic and sexual violence from Pinal and eastern Maricopa counties. To learn more about CAAFA, visit
Ed Shockley delivered a donation to Natalie Clement, Principal of Peralta Trails Elementary School on behalf of the Club. The donation will support children's books for kindergarten and first grade students. Each first grader and kindergarten student will be able to take home one copy of a book each month for the coming year. The children were so excited to receive their books!
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Terralle Moore and Sarah Snyder accepted a $340 check, on behalf of the Club, from Heather Correll, representing Lost Dutchman Marathon-2021.

Bob Benjamin, Lost Dutchman Marathon Board member and long time Rotary Club liaison to the race, explained the 2021 race had been VIRTUAL due to the Covid pandemic. It is hoped in 2022 the race will again be able to be live  --- allowing the Club to be 8k volunteers and raise even more funds for the Club's charitable endeavors.

Superstition Mountain Rotary has supported the Lost Dutchman Marathon for 20 years by providing the volunteers to operate the 8K Trail Run. But this year (2021), due to Covid-19, all of the Lost Dutchman races were VIRTUAL -- and our 8K volunteers on the race course were not needed. (The virtual races proved to be quite popular.)
To read more about the Lost Dutchman Marathon  -- or https://lostdutchmanmarathon.or
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July 28 Meeting
Our speaker was long time Gold Canyon area resident, Roberto Reveles, a founder of 'Gold Canyon Community, Inc' - a501(c)3 non-profit organization. 
Roberto spoke about the mission of his organization being 'to sustain Gold Canyon’s unique sense of place by attracting and supporting long-term businesses and services that enhance the quality of life for all residents of our community.' 
Their organization holds monthly Zoom meetings on the first Saturday of each month which residents can attend.
July 21 Meeting
Our speaker was Rotary Past District Governor, John Pennypacker. John spoke to the Club about his experiences as a helicopter pilot while in the military and shared a slide presentation with some interesting pictures and information about his time while in the military, and also some interesting information about his family
July 14 Meeting
Our speaker was Club member Bryant Powell. Bryant has shared information in past presentations about his role as the AJ City Manager, and information about events going on in our area -- but this time Bryant spoke to the Club about his early days, ie childhood, college, early career, etc. Bryant always shares interesting information, and this time was no exception --- Club members thoroughly enjoyed hearing him share his early life experiences.
July 7 Meeting
Our speaker was Sharon Rexroth from Iowa. Sharon is author of a number of popular children's educational books focusing on 'rhythm and rhyme', ie ' Arizona from the Sky', 'America From the Sky', among other popular titles.  Sharon has also been involved in education and has served as Asst Director of Continuing Education, and substitute teaches in a number of public schools. In addition she is a public speaker for a number of service organizations. Sharon is the aunt of Club member Jeffrey Mitchell and sister of Club member Pat Mitchell. Also, Sharon is a former, Mrs Iowa. To learn more about Sharon Rexroth and her 'From The Sky books'  visit - , where her books can also be ordered.
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Posted on Jun 30, 2021
June 30 Meeting
Past District Governor David Simmer spoke to the Club about the Rotary Foundation. He covered many aspects of the Foundation, ie how it provides support and services to groups and individuals in need and pointed out that our Club has raised more money per capita for the Rotary Foundation than any other Club in the District in the past year.
David presented 'Paul Harris Fellow Awards' to Club members, Jeffrey and Pat Mitchell, as well as Jeff's wife Sabrina Collette Mitchell in recognition of their fundraising, recruiting and participation efforts on behalf of the Club.
Also David presented 'Major Donor+2 Awards' to Club members, Lee and Roberta Holmes, recognizing their cumulative contributions to the Rotary Foundation.
Roberta Holmes was installed as Club President for 2021-22. She introduced her Board of Directors for the year and praised outgoing President Harvey Clark for his incredible efforts during the year 2020-21. Harvey's daughter received Harvey's gavel on his behalf, since Harvey was unable to attend in person. David Simmer led a pledge of Club members to help and support her and the Club through the coming year.
June 23 Meeting
Our speakers were Matthew Hill, Field Director and Abby Lyon, District Executive - both from Grand Canyon BSA / Boy Scouts of America. Matthew talked to the Club about the history and future of the Boy Scouts, and how the organization has evolved throughout the years. The organization now includes both boys and girls - each with separate groups/activities - but with shared focus. There are a number of focused areas -- ie Cub Scouts, Eagle Scouts, Aviation, Venturing, STEM Scouts - and other areas as collective interests dictate. As a bit of fun, Matthew gave Club members a piece of rope and asked them to test out their hand at tying a square knot --- one of the many types of challenges that scouters learn how to master. There were some laughs as Club members tried it out.
Terralle Moore had an opportunity to practice his auctioneering skills as he auctioned off a lovely loaf of banana bread that Sarah Snyder had freshly baked.
June 16 Meeting
Lee Holmes spoke about past trips to South Africa to work with the Blessman Foundation. He shared info about the upcoming Africa trip planned for Fall/Oct of this year. It has been 2 years since his last Africa trip (ie Covid travel issues).
While in Africa, the group works with children, putting them into new shoes, and fitting them for new glasses, getting involved with farming/water issues, delivering feminine hygiene products, working with the elderly, and also with latrine projects. 
Fun adventures await the group as they go on safari, ride elephants, and get a chance to view all sorts of varieties of animals. Along the way there are always African people who want to sing for the tour group - much to the joy of everyone.
The focus of the Africa trips is participating in projects to help those in need. As part of the trip the group always visits South African Rotary Clubs. Anyone interested in learning more about participating should contact Lee for details.
Bryant Powell spoke to the Club about projects and events happening in the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon areas. He brought the Club up to date about the Community Service Sign project. With local area forest fires on everyone's minds, Bryant brought the Club up to date about the latest developments. He shared latest info about the planned community dog park project. There are new housing projects in the area that he shared updates about, along with discussing water issues for the area, and sharing updates about roadway construction and issues.
June 9 Meeting
Our speaker was April Joy O'Gorman, who spoke to the Club from Florida, via Zoom. April was introduced by her Grandpa, Club President Harvey. April spoke to the group about her work as an Industrial Design Strategist. She shared highlights about 3 of her projects --- 'Ripple- the biodegradable boogie-board' --- 'Phoenix - a circular economy model' --- and 'Cora - coralline algae manufacturing'. 
'Ripple' has received a number of design awards, both in the USA and Europe. The project idea came from her work for several years as a beach lifeguard, as well as personally being a surfer & someone who loves water sports.
'Phoenix' is a design strategy focused on the building industry. The concept is to repurpose buildings instead of demolishing and reconstructing, thereby saving money and being eco-friendly - ('the greenest buildings are the ones that already exist'). 
'Cora' is a lime manufacturing center that grows coralline algae. Algae is needed for many industries. The current method of manufacturing is not eco-friendly and Cora, and its processes, would change that.
All of April's projects have a focus of using sustainable materials and getting away from 'using forever materials for temporary projects.'
June 2 Meeting
Our speaker was Glen Walp, (former Apache Junction Chief of Police) current President of A.D.O.B.E.  Glen shared a wealth of information about A.D.O.B.E., including information about the early days of Gold Canyon. 
Gold Canyon's early days started with being  a cattle ranch and also a dude ranch. Over time property developers have developed the Gold Canyon area to become the community currently enjoyed by the local residents. 
In about 1989 there were approximately 300 citizens living in our area who got together and decided they wanted to create some form of comprehensive plan to help guide how the Gold Canyon area would be developed - and A.D.O.B.E. evolved. Names of some individuals who played important roles in the development of the group throughout the years were Rosemary Scherer, Genevieve Bricker, George Johnston, Harold Christ, Sandi Smith, and many others.
A.D.O.B.E. was instrumental in creating and owning the publication - 'Gold Canyon Ledger'. Content came from community writers, and advertising was sold to local businesses, with the publication being printed by AJ  Printer, Ray's Printing. This publication became the 'voice of Gold Canyon'. (In the past few years, the publication has been renamed 'Superstition Living', and Ray's Printing has been acquired by Mansur Design Company, who currently publishes the publication. This free publication is delivered at the beginning of each month to AJ and GC community residents via USPS. )
Glen talked about issues and concerns that A.D.O.B.E has been involved with for a long time -- ie, highway 60 bypass issues, annexation issues, conservation, business development and other topics that have been important to the Gold Canyon area.
(For more information visit A.D.O.BE.'s website - or For more information about 'Superstition Living' and to read the current issue, visit their website --  or )



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Club member Ed Shockley recently delivered a $500 donation to Angela Davis, Director of 'Boys & Girls Club of East Valley Apache Junction Branch' on behalf of Superstition Mountain Rotary Club.
The Boys & Girls Club performs valuable services to provide programs for youth of our local communities.
Funds will be used to help with needs for their operations and service to the local community youth.
To learn more about the 'Boys & Girls Club of East Valley/Apache Junction Branch' and more about how you can help with their needs -- visit
Ed Shockley also recently delivered a $500 donation to Myra Garcia and Lynn Hanson at the Superstition Community Food Bank on behalf of Superstition Mountain Rotary Club. 
Funds will be used for SCFB's emergency fund and help to feed those in need. Superstition Community Food Bank provides food services to qualified individuals and families in Apache Junction, Gold Canyon and East Valley communities.
To learn more about Superstition Community Food Bank and more about how you can help with their needs -- visit
Rotarian, Bob Benjamin recently delivered a $500 donation to Harriett Downing at the Gold Canyon Food Bank on behalf of Superstition Mountain Rotary Club. 
Funds will be used for food supplies to help feed those in need. Gold Canyon Food Bank provides food services to qualified individuals and families in Gold Canyon and East Valley communities.
To learn more about the Gold Canyon Food Bank and how you can help with their needs -- visit
Congratulations Club members Jeffrey Mitchell, Terralle Moore and Sarah Snyder on their graduation from the 2021 Apache Junction Citizen Leadership Institute on June 2. They, along with other Apache Junction and Gold Canyon residents, put in time and effort to better understand Apache Junction governance and structure.
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Posted on May 31, 2021
May 26 Meeting
Our newest members, Terralle Moore and Sarah Snyder, gave inspiring 'Classification talks'.
Sarah worked in finance for 18 years at a large university, as well as a stock market manager, but she found that the work was not something she as very passionate about. She wanted to work with people on a more personal level. Her experiences led her for awhile to the home health care field, and now she is a Supervisor at AJ restaurant - 'Taradiddles'.
Terralle was born and raised in Alaska. He has a military background, working in military police. His background has led him to different career experiences, and currently he is a Manager at the 'Walgreens' in Apache Junction.
They are exploring a number of ideas focused on the goal of eventually owning their own business. Some of the Rotary meeting attendees had ideas, resources and tips for them, regarding owning a business
Both Terralle and Sarah are very positive community oriented individuals and actively look for ways to be involved with their community - whether it is their HOA, other community organizations/groups/city government -- or now as Rotary Club members.


We celebrated the 80th birthday of Len LaFlesh (Club Treasurer and Past President) with birthday cake and champagne, compliments of Club member Bill Pepple. Family and friends of Len's also joined us for the celebration.



May 19 Meeting

Our speaker was Cody Deppen, Co-ordinator for Phoenix Chapter of 'Heros On the Water' - a national veteran non-profit organization with 70 Chapters in 30 states. The organization creates free alternative wellness programs serving veterans, active-duty military personnel, first responders and their families. The primary proven therapy is kayak fishing. Recurring activities give heroes/their families a lifelong social network with like-minded people. An added benefit is that kayak fishing is adaptive to those with disabilities. During Covid, the Phoenix Chapter went into hiatus. Cody (from a military family) has recently jumped in as Phoenix area coordinator to re-energize the Chapter and get it going strong again. When Covid hit, the local Chapter sent most of their equipment to other more active Chapters -- which were able to better keep active during the pandemic. Currently the local Chapter needs additional funding, and equipment to bring the Chapter back to it's fully functioning capabilities. More information about 'Heros On The Water' can be found on their website -
The Club was excited to induct our newest members, Terralle Moore and Sarah Snyder!
Bill Pepple brought the Club up to date about Rotary Foundation activities. Over the summer months he will be available for Foundation questions via Zoom/phone.

May 12 Meeting

John Iannarelli (a.k.a. "FBI John") spoke about his more than twenty years as an FBI Special Agent and the Bureau's national spokesperson. His cases included the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11 attack, Sony hack, numerous bank robberies, kidnappings, and other assorted crimes. And there were so many other cases - some funny, bizarre, very odd -- but always interesting. John has written a book covering many of the stories about cases he has been a part of throughout the years. While most law enforcement matters are deadly serious, there's another side to the job that every cop, agent, trooper, investigator, and detective knows is humorous.
His book, 'Disorderly Conduct' is a collection of the lesser known true stories from the FBI -- lesser known, but not any less entertaining. His new book gives readers the chance to learn about the oddities of an FBI Agent's job, from the memorable arrests to truly bizarre search warrant discoveries. 'Disorderly Conduct' takes the reader behind the scenes to reveal the lighter moments of law enforcement that are 'arrestingly funny'. John's book is available for purchase on Amazon -- 'Disorderly Conduct - The Oddities of My 20 Year Life As An FBI Special Agent'


May 5 Meeting

May be an image of 2 people and text that says '800-273-8255 Tell Friend English Spanish lam Jeen Connecting. Empowering. Inspiring. Search. HOME RESOURCEDIRECTORY RESOURCE TRENDING ABOUT CONTACT SUPPORT OUR WORK Welcome to Teen Strong Teen Girls Help We've got you covered! Help Hotlines/HelpLines Behaviorial Health Community Programs WSien Bstiet At LEADERSHIP Domestic Violence Eating Disorders &Leadership Food, Clothing, Shelter Pregnancy, Sexual Health SexTrafficking Sex Substance Abuse'Sherry Eklund, Founder of Teen Strong spoke to the Club about her business. Teen Strong is a boutique website dedicated to making a difference in the lives of teen girls in Arizona. The website is a unique blend of life resources, info and inspiration. Additionally the website has expanded to offer resources to individuals in Colorado. There are future plans to develop similar resources for other states. Young women don’t always know what resources are available, or how to access them. The pandemic has been challenging for all of us. Young people have been out of school / in school/ doing Zoom school - and have missed out on activities/sports and being with friends. Resources have become even more important during the pandemic which has effected all of our mental health. Families and teenagers may be struggling to maintain balance and happiness. The website is attempting to provide resources and information needed to get through the teen years and help create a strong path for positive growth. Sherry reported that previous contributions from Rotary to her organization had made it possible for her website to get more exposure, traffic, and subsequently reach more young teens who are in need of resource information. From August 2020 to April 2021, her website's traffic increased more than 60% - to currently more than 1000 visitors monthly.
More information about Teen Strong can be found on their website and FB page -- ---


April 28 Meeting

Our speaker was Jeff Serdy, Pinal County's District 5 Supervisor. Jeff has added changes to help raise the level of communications in the Supervisor's Office. County residents do not have to go all the way to Florence to visit the Office of the Supervisor. There is an office in Apache Junction (in the complex where DMV is located). On April 29th a Supervisor's Office Open House is planned. Some highlighted areas Jeff is focusing on include transportation, tourism and controlling urban sprawl. He shared a lot of interesting facts about things going on in our county - ranging from district size issues, problems with traffic on Highway 60 and maintenance of the highway, growth of home development in the county, commercial business in the county, issues facing Pinal County parks / natural resources as the area grows more, with more population using our natural resources, challenges for our area now that the Federal govt has closed Resolution Copper -- as well as other important topics facing the residents of Pinal County and District 5. For animal lovers he mentioned about some progress for an AJ dog park, as well as some progress to try and change rulings that would allow for Gold Canyon residents to be able to utilize Paws & Claws, as well as Apache Junction residents. Jeff's speech was very informative for Club meeting attendees.


Club Foundation Chairman, Bill Pepple awarded a Paul Harris Fellow to Club member, Jeffrey Mitchell, to recognize Jeffrey's significant efforts to be creatively involved in fundraising efforts over the past several months with the car detailing project, as well as the 'FunDrive' donations, which included 1,162 lbs of clothing, 1,212 lbs of housewares/books, and 32 large items. Jeffrey has also been instrumental in introducing Rotary to a number of Club visitors.


April 21 Meeting

Don Austin gave an informative and humorous classification talk, sharing some of his vast business and Rotary experiences. He was instrumental in working on the 'Minute Man Program', among other technical military programs. Don shared a wealth of interesting experiences. Just a couple weeks ago he turned 90 years young and has been a Rotarian since 1965.
Angela Davis became our newest Club member. She's the new Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley/Apache Junction Branch. Over the past 8 years she has held various roles at Phoenix area Boys & Girls Clubs. Welcome, Angela!


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Superstition Mountain Rotary Club, and Club members, routinely support CAAFA throughout the year, as one of their service projects. This week, Club member, Ed Shockley, delivered donations of personal hygiene and baby items to CAAFA on behalf of the Club. Dona Jansen/Administrative Assistant at CAAFA received the items on behalf of the non-profit organizationCAAFA is in year-round need of 'everyday' items such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, baby wipes, hygiene products, disinfecting wipes or spray, household cleaner, hand sanitizer, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, disposable gloves, non-perishable food items ... and other items. Donations can be dropped off at CAAFA, 879 N Plaza Dr - 101D , Apache Junction. Phone 480-982-0205 -
Rotary Scholarships Awarded
Superstition Mountain Rotary Club is pleased to have been able to participate in the Apache Junction High School 2021 Scholarship Award ceremony last evening, May 10th, which took place at the Apache Junction Performing Arts Center. This year Superstition Mountain Rotary Club was able to award 5 scholarships to deserving students, in the amount of $2000 each - for a total of $10,000 . Previous Club President, Sharon Stinard, along with Previous Club President/Current Treasurer, Len LaFlesch presented the awards to the students. For many years the Club has annually been involved in providing student scholarships. The Club and it's members do a variety of year-round fund-raising events/activities that raise funds for scholarships, as well as a variety of other worthwhile community causes and needs.
The 2021 recipients of Superstition Mountain Rotary Club scholarships are:
- Megan Ash
- Katelyn Beazley
- Brianna Bogart
- Chloe Krueger
- Savana Orrantia
Rotary Week of Service
The Superstition Mountain Rotary service project of painting hand railings at the Apache Junction High School was a successful effort. Several Rotary members came to the High School on Friday and Saturday (April 23 & 24). Everyone grabbed paint & paintbrushes, and did what was needed to get the hand railings painted. Additional community members also came to join in. As an added bonus, the High School football team came and joined the volunteers---(the Club sends a special thanks to the football team for showing up and participating. Their youthful enthusiasm really helped to move the painting project along to completion.) The finished painting effort made the hand railings both look better, as well as be safer. Thank you to everyone for making the project a success.
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You can find our club Facebook page under Superstition Mountain Rotary Club.  Check us out.