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Our only guest today was our speaker Ed Koeneman who is a member of the Mesa West Rotary Club.
1. With Memorial Day just past, President Ed thanked all the club veterans for their service.
2. Bob Crow brought "Hellos" from Harell Miller and Steve Gable.  We still have over 6,000 recognition points and can recognize additional local people for their service to the communities. 
3. Harvey Clark brought back a trading banner from the Daytona West Rotary club and presented it to President Ed. Harvey was in Florida for family graduations.
4. Murray Hiatt described the Honor Flight Arizona he was on recently. The vets on board were WW II and Korean war veterans.  He told how he was made to feel very special - people in the airports both coming and going broke out in applause for the vets as they went by.  His group visited the major military memorials in D.C. and also Ft. McHenry in Maryland.  There were 30 guardians on the flight accompanying the vets. The trip is free to the vets but the guardians pay $900.  Murray said it is an experience he will never forget.
5. Mike Dungan brought us the News of the Day. His alma mater Oregon State U. is seeded #1 in the NCAA baseball world series.  The team record is 49-6.  LeBron James and Stephen Curry were born in the same hospital in Akron, OH three years apart.
Gerry Hundt of the Board of the Apache Junction Food Bank sent along this clarification about who is eligible to be served at the AJ food bank.
"I enjoy getting your Rotary newsletter.  I saw the recent one regarding the Gold Canyon Food Bank and wanted to correct something said there.  The Apache Junction Food bank does NOT limit those we serve to only Apache Junction residents.  In fact the boundary for our services are listed below and in fact if someone comes for help for the first time, they are given food and the boundary area explained to them along with referring them to a food bank in their area.  As you know, I along with Ben Fellows are board members and I would love the opportunity to speak to the club if the opportunity happens."
"Requirement 1: Live within our service area
      South Boundary - Ocotillo Road
      West Boundary - Ellsworth Road
      North Boundary - McDowell Road
      East Boundary - Queen Valley
Requirement 2: Meet 185% of the Federal poverty guidelines, as established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and as determined by our Board of Directors.
Requirement 3: Provide a valid ID and a document that shows proof of residence.  A utility bill or rent receipt will work.  We simply need a current document showing your name and address."
Our speaker today was Ed Koeneman.  Ed is a member of the Mesa West Rotary Club and served as the club's president.  He is an electrical engineer who is teaching engineering classes at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. 
Ed's topic today is the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).  He is president of the Palo Verde Chapter of the SAR located in the East Valley.  There are 35,000 members of SAR worldwide. The organization started in New York in 1876 but the SAR split off in 1889 to become a national organization. To be eligible for membership, one must prove descent from a Revolutionary War veteran or a person involved in some other direct way in the support of the Revolution. Genealogy tracking is helpful in providing proof. Ed is related to Sgt. James Johnson whose name appears on the rolls of the Continental Army at Valley Forge in 1777. 
The SAR promotes appreciation for military service and veterans.  They sponsor Honor Flights, they volunteer at VA hospitals, they support Junior ROTC at high schools and ROTC at colleges,  and they have a color guard in colonial uniforms that appear at veteran funerals and parades.
The SAR promotes knowledge of American history and heritage in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. One new project is a study of the recently-discovered papers of King George III of England who was king during the Revolution.  They hold essay contests for high school students, brochure contests for middle school students and poster contests for elementary students.  They go into schools dressed in military uniforms from the Revolution and present programs for school kids. The uniforms can cost as much as $1,500-$2,000 and authentic reproductions of weapons can cost as much as $3,000-$4,000.
Thanks Ed for a very interesting presentation.
Cheryl Kramer - June 3
Bob Benjamin - June 13
Ben and Peggy Fellows - June 2 - 52 years
Jeannie and Gene Anderson - June 6 - 53 years
Jacquie and John Smith - June 7 - 43 years
Jack and Vicki Beveridge - June 22 - 43 years
Bryant and Jenny Powell - June 29 - 21 years
Bob and Dorothy Homann - June 30 - 55 years
Harvey Clark - June 14 - 9 years
Jeannie Anderson - June 30 - 15 years
Bob Benjamin - June 30 - 12 years
Jack Beveridge - June 30 - 14 years
Mike Dungan - June 30 - 15 years
Murray Hiatt - June 30 - 13 years
Jay Jones - June 30 - 15 years
June 7 - Pinal Partnership - Harold Crist (Pres/CEO) and Melissa Johnson (Exec. Dir.)
June 14 - Diane Fischer - Health South East Valley
June 21 - Tina Staukas (Dep.Dir.) - Homeland Security & Emergency Mgmt. - PHX
June 28 - Club President Ed Shockley - Transition meeting
June 11-14 - Rotary International Conference - Atlanta
June 23-24 - District Conference - Flagstaff, AZ
September 14-26 - Rotary Trip to South Africa (Blessman)