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Co-Chair - Interact Club of Apache Junction High School
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Superstition Mountain
Service Above Self
We meet Wednesdays at 12:10 PM
Gold Canyon Golf Resort
6100 S. Kings Ranch Road
Gold Canyon, AZ  85118
United States
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1. Golf Committee meets today after today's meeting.
2. Mike Cowan needs 27 more volunteers for the Feb 24-25-26 Lost Dutchman Rodeo.  He passed around a sign up sheet.  We need to get some of our younger members involved.  This is one of our two largest fund raisers - it brought in $10,000 last year. 
3.Bob Benjamin is rounding up volunteers for the Lost Dutchman Marathon.  Our duty is the 8 K trail run early Sunday morning, February 19.  It's an early start but you will be done by mid morning. Volunteers act as course marshalls and also give water to runners.
4. Next week, the club will meet in the main dining room.  We will have Tina Gerola from Superstition Fire and Medical here to demonstrate modern CPR technique.  You are encouraged to bring your spouse, kids, friends, etc.
5. President Ed is looking for someone to step up and be President-Elect and serve as President after July 1.  Ed is planning on going back to work and won't be able to take a second year.  The new person will be trained at PETS in late February. If interested, contact Ed.
6. Jacquie Smith won the drawing and $10 but drew the queen of spades.  The pot was worth $273.  It was Jacquie's birthday today so it was appropriate that she won.
Our scheduled speaker did not show today so Jay Jones filled in on short notice.
Jay told us about his father, J. Richard Jones, custom tailor.  His Dad didn't finish high school.  He apprenticed himself as a tailor and eventually graduated from the Custom Tailors' and Designers' School in New York City. He got into the business of making riding clothes when Ft. Riley, KS was the U.S. Army Cavalry School.  He knew and made clothes for many of the old cavalry officers - George Patton, Jonathon "Skinny" Wainwright, "Jumpin' Joe Stillwell, etc. He traveled to horse shows around the U.S.  He knew and made riding clothes for Ronald Reagan before and during his term in the White House.  All Reagan's riding clothes in the movie "Stallion Road" were made by Jay's Dad. He sewed the riding habits for the 1951 U.S. Olympic equestrian team.  The woolens for the clothes came from England and chamois skin from France were used inside the calves of riding breeches.
When Jay was a sophomore in college studying engineering he wasn't doing too well academically.  He suggested to his Dad that he drop out of college and join him in the tailoring business. His Dad picked up his large cutting shears and threatened to cut off one of Jay's fingers if he quit.  Jay ended his talk by expressing his profound admiration for his Dad and the shaping influence he had in Jay's life.
Lucy Young - January 11
Jacquie Smith - January 16
Heather Wallace - January 19
Paula Blessman - January 20
Earl Zumwalt - January 23
Dave and Mickey Webb - January 4 - 18 years
Earl Zumwalt - January 2 - 1 year
Jim Erickson - January 12 - 9 years
Ben Fellows - January 14 - 8 years
Ed Shockley - January 15 - 7 years
Dean Holmes - January 26 - 1 year
January 18 - Tina Gerola - Superstition Fire and Medical
January 25 - Lisa Marshall - Gold Canyon Hearing
February 1 - Tanya Hughes - SRP
February 8 - Paula Blessman - Classification talk
February 15 - Brian Brotschi - Symantec Corp.
February 22 - Jeff Serdy - Mayor of Apache Junction
February 19 - Lost Dutchman Marathon
February 23-24 - PETS
February 24-25-26 - Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo
April 6-9 - RYLA camp
June 10-14 - Rotary International Conference - Atlanta
June 23-24 - District Conference - Flagstaff, AZ
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